04 / 07 / 2018
Located in the central area of São Paulo, we find this 50-square-meters apartment, projected by the architect Rafael Zalc and Mona Singal, architect and partner of Rua 141.

The project renovation wanted to prioritize the use of space through the creation of environments with more than one use. The balcony, with 30% of the total size of the apartment, was enclosed and the walls and framing were removed. Concrete and metal pipes are now left exposed enhancing the informal, almost raw language, of the apartment.

According to the architectural team, the inspiration came from the Upcycling concept, with the reuse of old discarded materials. The truck tarp at the headboard, the rebar for the bookshelf and the concrete slabs on the wall are just some examples that define the industrial style of the home, combined with a relaxed and cozy decor. 
For more information, visit Rua 141 website.
Photography: Rômulo Fialdini
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