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12 / 06 / 2018
After studying Architecture, Interior Design and Art Direction, Susana Piquer decided to create Colapso Studio in 2014, a place where she could combine her love for beautiful places and objects. Based in Barcelona and “happy to work worldwide”, the designer is also a teacher in several international schools, who faces with enthusiasm every stressful and exhausting day. The responsible of the Spanish studio spoke to us of their projects and challenges.

Why did you decide to create your own studio in 2014?
I was willing to develop different creative projects and couldn't find a studio that fit the kind of projects I was looking for. Usually design studios ask you to master an ability and develop one part of a project, but I was trying to have more freedom and I wanted to be part of every step of a project, from conceptualization to making models and in-situ supervision.

Colapso Studio is a design practice focused on spaces, either permanent or ephemeral. When you are working on those spaces, which are the main differences between creating a place that will be temporary or will "last forever"?
The approach is the same, I follow the same steps for both permanent and ephemeral projects. The main difference is the budget a client wants to invest for those. Then creativity comes when you have a tight budget and the client has the same expectations as if it was a permanent space... Another difference is the timeframe you have to develop an ephemeral project, these projects are faster and there is not much time to go back and forth so it is important that every decision you make has a good foundation.
How do you describe the concept of the studio? 
Colapso Studio is a design practice focused on spaces and objects with a multidisciplinary approach. The goal is to create nice and simple projects.

The project Bobo Choses, that is now the HQ for a kids clothing brand, used to be a toy factory. Which elements of the old space inspired you to create the new one? 
We kept all the main spaces and architectonic characteristics of the factory, so the furniture and all the different elements could breathe the same vibe, adding some vintage pieces and color in some surfaces. I'd highlight that the project was developed in July and August, and it was really hard to do the heating system tests! 

In Fos project, the façade of a vegan restaurant has been illuminated for 4 days by a yellow tape. Which message did you want to tell?
(fos) was a game of perception, we were asked to do something fresh and developed this playful project. 
Do you have a favourite project?
I could not choose one! Every project has a part of me and had it's ups and downs during the process, I am happy with the results and the knowledge gained during the development of all of them. Maybe... I have a special relationship with the objects I designed, because these are personal projects, and since they are smaller you can focus more on the details.

What do you love the most about your job?
Every day is different, and even it can be exhausting sometimes, that's what I like the most.

In which kind of projects do you want to work next?
I would love to keep going with both interior design and object design... I really would like to be part of the design of a hotel.
Find more about Colapso Studio here.
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