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07 / 05 / 2018
It's at the northern edge of Normarka, in a towering pine forest outside of Oslo, that we find this delicious retreat with a more intimate character. Projected by Mork-Ulnes Architects for a family of four, the practice explained how his clients wished for a home where they could feel the connection from inside to out, in a truly typical hytte (the Norwegian word for cabin).

The answer would end up taking shape through "a warm and light filled interior", that's why they decided to use only two materials: lyed pine plywood and concrete. "The walls, ceiling, and all furniture are plywood with exposed edges, and the floors, countertops, and bathroom walls are concrete", explained Lexie Mork-Ulnes. In terms of efficiency, the practice wanted to make things as multi-purpose as possible - the kitchen island is also the bench for the dining table, the roof over the bathroom is a playroom for the kids and the sofa has large cubbies for books and storage bins for games and legos.

In order to create a closer relationship between the interior and life outdoors, the wings of the house engage four different characters of the landscape: the great room looks onto Mylla Lake, the guest room looks towards the rolling hillside, the kids’ room looks up at the sky, and the bedroom has a private view of the towering forest beyond.

Nowadays, the owners can comfortably accommodate from 4 to 6 guests, "in both good weather or bad". During winter, they enjoy the sauna and go on long ski tours; in the warmer months, they explore the area on mountain bikes, canoes, and kayaks.  
A project by Mork-Ulnes Architects.
Location: Jevnaker County, Norway
Photography: Bruce Damonte
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