• Vivid Color


20 / 04 / 2017
Inspired with paper patterns created by fashion designers for garment making to interpret their imagination, this interior design, taking silhouettes from such patterns, starts dialogues with the young residence owner, a French educated female fashion designer. Just as dress drawings, folding and twisting in pattern making are transformed to clean-cut presentation of sharply defined copper tubing of pendant lamps hanging down from ceiling and wires braided on the glass bookcase.

Fabrics are what it takes to make garments. Prompted by silks and lace, the translucent texture is reinvented as metallic mesh and glass in the bookcase to reflect see-through effects as well as the contrast between the glossy glass and the unadorned slate wall creating an artistic taste with converted optical illusion showcasing the owner’s keen interest in reading fashion books. With the figurative banking out to the minimal abstract design elements of the bookcase incorporate forms and shapes of bow ties and belts from garment accessories and art deco is exhibited as delicate details within bookcase interior.

Inspired by artworks of René Gruau, a well-known fashion illustrator, colors employed in the space take on the look of a French-style vividness and audacity. The study in warm orange, the living room in tranquil blue and the kitchen in sumptuous gold complement and contrast with one another. The thick yet bright colors in large areas bring in a taste of rhythmic and geometric montage collocating the elegant charm of linear adornments. With a look suggesting a sewing machine the tailor-made base of the dining table breaks through hedging-in traditions of balance with asymmetric fashion deconstructing and echoes Experimentalism in the fashion design trend.  
Designer: Waterfrom Design
Location: Downtown Taipei City
Photographer: Kuomin Lee 

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