• Olbryggan


21 / 07 / 2015
After having developed the project for the exhibition area of the Spritmuseum, the studio Form Us With Love presents now the space Ölbryggan that function in the outside part of the museum. Located on the waterfront in an industrial area of Stockholm, the Spritmuseum is located in an 18th century naval building and exhibits about the history and culture of alcohol in Sweden.
The Ölbryggan functions as a beer garden, providing the visitors the opportunity to experiment different kinds of beers. Long wooden tables occupy the whole space, only interrupted by shelves filled with vases were some of the ingredients used in the brewery process are cultivated. “The beer garden is aiming to build a natural extension from the science of beer making in the exhibition space”, say the designers at Form Us With Love, “to the dynamic ways of farming the actual ingredients before any brewing can take place”

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