• Exhibition of Frozen Time


09 / 04 / 2020
With a view of moving away from “the ancient background of old medicine cabinets and smell of aged medicinal herbs”, Taiwanese design studio Waterfrom Design just designed the “Exhibition of Frozen Time”, a SPA and wellness center defined by a technological atmosphere. The project draws inspiration from the ancient internal and external health cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Located in Beijing, the commercial space conceived for the brand Aqua Health Clinic shapes the contemporary five-senses culture through space, diet, and SPA using medical principles of pulse diagnosis and food therapies to create specific treatments. “We want visitors to experience the tenderness in the environment rich in technological and medical principles. Such tenderness comes from the sense of slowness of detachment from time and space, refinement, and endless aftertaste from art."

The relationship between time and memory was key. Nearly 100 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine plant and mineral specimens were placed in the glowing glass grids of the facial care area and traditional medicine cabinets turn into square-glass containers with a blue sea of varying volume. Also, large floor-to-ceiling windows and the minimalist architecture and installations are used to block the noise outside and create calmness.

“Visitors may feel that they enter the space and are deeply submerged into the water. The endless floating and absolute isolation and silence constitute the eternal calmness that is beyond comprehension”, the team tells us. The result is a sensory immersion that is also reflected through the dim light, while daylight flow through the openings.

For more information, visit Waterfrom Design website.
Photography: Kuomin Lee; LenmuG
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