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13 / 11 / 2019
It is in the heart of Shenzhen, inside Futian Shangri-La hotel, where we discover one of the most recent projects by New York-based interior designer Chris Shao, the first restaurant in China led by Chef Christopher Kostow, that perfectly blends the serenity of Californian mountains at twilight with details of Chinese luxury.

As we enter the space, we allow ourselves to be engaged by an “emotive, yet effortless unpretentious naturalism”, inspired by the aesthetic of wabi-sabi. The respect for the past and the love for natural materials have provided the inspiration for the restaurant, where we uncover a hand-painted landscape mural right at the entrance, adorned with horsehair sconces by Apparatus, followed by an impressive chandelier designed by Rosie Li Studio.

The Chinese designer also mentions the preference for polished brass metal and velvet textiles, that have been subtly incorporated through millwork, wall paneling and structure to create a refined and sophisticated atmosphere. The ceiling curves and the grey and neutral tones, in contrast with the chromatic local ingredients, define the warm design of the Main Dining Room.

With a total height of 13 meters, the team decided to include an entirely new structure to accommodate a bar and lounge, the Alcove, which offers a balcony to observe out and down. In the upper floors, one can find more intimate areas - the Reading Room, and a Private Dining Room.
For more information, visit Chris Shao Studio website.
Photography: Common Studio (Lit Ma & Kelly Puleio Studio)
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