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13 / 05 / 2021
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Nature, everything that is alive and changeable, has always been an inspiration for the Italian brand Flou.  
In 2021, the brand again presents a collection that describes itself as “an ode to life and a celebration of its colors”.
The biggest challenge, this time, was to gather all the infinite inspirations of nature and achieve, through color, awakening unique and constantly changing emotions in daily life.

A deep study of colors and a perfect union of shapes, tones and details was the formula that the brand found to be able to “reconnect with the world around us and pour exciting sensations into the domestic, professional and hospitality ambiences, that are now less introverted and more in harmony with the outside world”.

Flou's new proposals for 2021 include materials, finishes and fabrics that revolve around six color spheres, “with a pathway that winds through shades, shapes and materials”. Each brand proposal has been enhanced “by a detailed study of tones and color grading, to allow each universe to reveal the emotions that represent them best”.

Discover the 6 color spheres of the new Flou collection:

OASIS - the infinite range of greens representing vitality, rebirth, renewal

AMETHYST - from the softest lilac to the brightest purples for an explosion of imagination and sensitivity

OCEAN - the world of blue with all its balanced harmony and knowledge, a color that connects the infinite skies and the depths of the sea

MAGMA represents the reds, the palette of vegetation in Fall, exuding warmth, the power of fire, passion

QUARTZ - reflects the discrete neutral colors of the land, from ecru to pink-tinged beige to browns, expressing harmony and elegance that control everything

ARCTIC - the world of non-colors such as white, black and gray, often the most loved and most popular shades, loaded with infinite potential.

In these new proposals of well-defined colors, the brand included, in the classic range (matt polished, oxide, black, gray and white), two new finishes for accessories and storage units.
There are strong references to the explosive tones of Magma reds and the deeper tones of Ocean blue, obtained by treating the surfaces in several stages.
It is also worth mentioning the production method of the brand, which is light years away from the idea of industrial procedures, based on manual skill. In this way, each piece is exclusive and unique, as are the changing colors of nature represented by its finishes.

In the textile collection, the brand gave priority to the natural properties of the yarns and their origin, with emphasis on linen and cotton from certified production, in line with the central theme of the collection.

“For the definition of the textile collection, great attention was paid to the natural properties of the yarns and their origin. Precedence has been given to linen and cotton sourced from certified production, in line with the central theme of the collection. The company firmly believes that beauty and quality must walk hand-in-hand with sustainability.
References to natural elements are always evident; take for example, Vermont, a Jacquard fabric, a revisitation of the trunk rings that express the age and the life of trees, or Zelda that clearly refers to the bark.
Others are often important, robust and uneven fabrics – such as Marvin that has a deliberately flawed appearance, reflecting the imperfections of the land; others, such as the fabric Fred, are enriched with chenille and bouclè to project an image of soft clouds or velvety moss.
Then there is the porosity of Eva or the flamboyant chenille ribbons of Clark, designed to represent the uneven, rugged surface of stone”, it can be read in the press release of the brand.

This collection reinforces the position of the brand, which firmly believes that beauty and quality must go hand in hand with sustainability.
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