• Exquisite Elegance


15 / 06 / 2018
Located in the heart of Seville, near the famous hotel Inglaterra, we find this intimate two-levels restaurant, conceived by the Spanish studio Donaire Arquitectos.

According to Persevera Producciones, responsible for the interior design of the project, the team wanted to create a “cozy atmosphere in contrast with the hard urban environment”. The answer would end up taking shape through the creation of a modern open space design, with a restaurant and three drinks bars, where the dim lighting and the sophisticated details fill the scenario. In terms of the materials, the practice mentioned the preference for wood and marble, in order to enhance the feeling of freshness but also oak for the flooring, walls and columns.

The presence of vegetation is also one of the strongest elements of the restaurant, adding subtle touches of colour all over the place, like " the massive tree built-in inside, which reaches to the ceiling and conforms the perimeter of the bar itself”, added the team. Regarding the chromatic range for the interiors, what stands out overall are the many types of brown, but also occasional colourful touches, seen mostly in the plants and velvet furniture.
A project by Donaire Arquitectos and Persevera Producciones.
Photography: Fernando Alda
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