• Masseria


29 / 03 / 2017
Set amongst one of the busiest streets in Toronto, an Italian pizzeria opened its doors to introduce a new pizza experience to the next generation. Masseria, which is “farm” in Italian, reflects the brand’s focus on fresh food, quality ingredients, and healthy options. With a full range of customizable crust and topping options freshly baked to order in a pizza oven, every detail was crafted with care to bring the traditional craft of pizza-makers into modern relevance.

Tucked in between two historical buildings and surrounded by luxurious bars and restaurants, the new Masseria space takes its design cues from the rich history of Italian culture. To craft the brand experience beyond the slice, Burdifilek was enlisted to design a contemporary brand identity for the modern pizzeria. Inspired by the confidence of the ‘50s and ‘60s “dolce vita” period of Italian history, when the height of the paparazzi culture celebrated the leisure and lifestyle of popular stars in Rome’s most luxurious bars and restaurants, this European style sensibility played a big role in the development of Masseria’s brand and interior architecture.

Upon entry, the eye gravitates to the enlarged black and white photograph of commercial flour bags running the full length of the space. Food culturally brings people together so large harvest tables encourage communal seating, and feature an assortment condiments or even a fresh basil plant to heighten the senses. A custom light fixture resembling the hanging pot rack in an authentic Italian home kitchen is designed to hold the mini pizza paddles which identify eat-in food orders.

“The space is very contemporary, but we used old world finishes to recreate the Italian pizzeria,” Burdifilek’s design director Diego Burdi explains. The nobility of finishes in the space creates a warm and inviting atmosphere: in between the low profile wood ceiling and multi-layer, marble mosaic floor is a rich, textured palette of fumed oak, white statuario marble, and black metal furniture, kilned black brick walls, and sage green tile and mirror accents. Contrast the muted interior palette with the playful pop of a blood orange pizza box, and Masseria is elevating the confidence and sophistication of the modern pizzeria.
Photography: Ben Rahn, A-Frame Studio
Design: Burdifilek 

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