• Enchanted Universe


16 / 05 / 2019
Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati took responsibility for the creation of Céline’s flagship store, an exuberant two-story shop nestled in Miami's most contemporary and artistic district.

Expressing an opulent yet sophisticated vision, he decided to distinguish the two areas - on the upper floor, one can find shoes and ready-to-wear items, while the ground level serves as an exhibition space. Without a shadow of a doubt, the unique texture of blue-green Pinta Verde stone from Brazil becomes the perfect setting for displaying the distinct accessories, creating a "place where an internal universe can be imagined."

According to Olgiati, here “the virtual world exists in parallel with the physical”, that’s why he decided to include two pyramidal cut-outs whose volumes burst through to the upper floor, transforming the ground floor into a canopy, held by concrete pillars. Grey rugs and cushion seats enhance the feeling of comfort.  
For more information, visit Valerio Olgiati website.
This article is only available in English.
Photography: Mikael Olsson 

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