• We are in Orbit by Atelier Aveus


20 / 11 / 2016
Atelier Aveus’s creations are based on strong conceptual ideas and explore the universal memory theme, while calling upon varied cultural references. The atelier was founded by French architect and designer Morgane Roux. After a diploma of architecture in Paris, and a master degree in industrial design at Domus Academy, Milan, Morgane created Atelier Aveus, a multidisciplinary design practice based in Sao Paulo and London.

Morgane’s work is the result of deep research in iconic and symbolic references and combine the different areas of design and art. The result produces truly aesthetic objects, whose functionality becomes fully perceptible at a second glance.

The W.A.I.O. (We are in Orbit) collection features a set of furnitures whose conception has been inspired by the interstellar space.

Borrowing design guidelines from the infinitely big, and miniaturizing them in each piece, the collection tends to blurry the perception of the scale. It invites people to take a step back of the surrounding environment and be part of a suspended landscape.

Every piece of the collection pushes the limits of how aesthetic and conceptual the object can be without losing its purpose, as a furniture.

The Meteorite Stool, is actually a foam stool on which you can sit. The suspended Clock highlights the fundamental laws of physics by combining both time and gravity. The Orbit Table, embodies the concept of orbital movement by spinning and displaying evolving configurations.

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