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  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:

    Early Call for Entries


14 / 06 / 2021
Este artigo só está disponível em Inglês.
You have until June 30 to submit your application during the early submission period. 
A’Design Award & Competition, the world’s most influential design award is back, and you can now submit your application. The international competition that aims to highlight the very best designers from all countries in all disciplines is again looking for the best in design, and the deadline for early submission is June 30.

The competition, dedicated to designers, innovators, and companies across the globe, has already selected thousands of winners from more than 100 different categories, including furniture, decorative items, and homeware design; lighting products and projects design; architecture, building, and structure design; interior space and exhibition design; packaging design; and footwear, shoes, and boots design.

Don’t forget that your work will be judged by a grand jury panel composed of press members, academics, designers, and industry experts. And of course, there are also highly desired benefits and privileges, such as the award trophy, an annual yearbook, a free gala-night invitation, the participation in the winners' exhibition, publicity through DesignMedia communications, printed certificate in a metal frame, lifelong licensing of the award winners logo, free utilization of DesignMediator services, proof of creation service or a free subscription to listof.net.

Remember that the early submission deadline ends June 30, so be sure to plan and send your application. As a media partner of the competition, we’ve chosen some of our favourite past winners below. Winners will be announced on May 1st.
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Ging Chair by Alan Hung | Image credits: Alan Hung, 2020. 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Cornnie Corner Seating by Wen-Hsin Tu | Image credits: © Shih-Hsien Chan 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Villa 22 Private House by Dreessen Willemse Architecten | Image credits: Hugo Thomassen 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Sunbay Park Hotel by NDA Group Architecture | Image credits: NDA Group Architecture, 2020 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
House in Repino Residential by Shamsudin Kerimov | Image credits: Kerimov Architects 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Monolithic House Private Villa by Ahmed Habib | Image credits: Ahmed Habib, 2020 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Peloponnese Rural Residential House by Ivana Lukovic | Image credits: Athina Souli, Olive Tree Atrium atmosphere, 2020 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
The Inhabited Roccolo Private House by Edoardo Milesi - Archos srl | Image credits: Ezio Manciucca 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Pixelhouse Residential Building by The Grid Architects | Image credits: Photographix India 
  • A Design Awards & Competition 2022:
Hacienda Summer House by Hany Saad | Image credits: Nour El Refai 
Para mais informações, visite o website A' Design Award & Competition.

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