• Trongyee Boutique


12 / 03 / 2020
It’s in the Shantou region, in China, that Trongyee opens its doors, a project that aims to showcase the best womenswear designer brands surrounded by a modern and bold atmosphere.

Projected by AD Architecture, this 90 square meters space boasts a welcoming façade, allowing those from the outside to discover the “artistic quality” and “modern aesthetics” of the inside. One of the most striking features is the ultra-clear glass that exposes the interior, “which breaks the surrounding noisy ambience of the street”.

In terms of materials used, cement was chosen for the floor, walls, and ceiling, enhancing the contrast between the grey hue and the red staircases, that functions as a vertical circulation route.

Arched doors and vaulted ceilings create visual illusions and culminate in a perfect equilibrium embodying the principles of “the exploration of sustainable value for future urban commercial spaces” and contemporary style.  
For more information, visit AD Architecture website.
Photography: Ouyang Yun
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