• Utopian Dream


11 / 04 / 2019
If there’s something Jiyu’s doesn’t want to be known for, is to be recognized as another spa in the world. Since January 2019, the project conceived by Shanghai-based studio Hip Pop Design showcases a unique concept of a spa, that subtly evokes a fantasy world with a dramatic and exquisite effect.

By using materials such as glass and wood veneer, the studio recreated an atmosphere where “visitors are immersed in the large-scale peaceful picture, and the feelings and images once ignored in life are all represented here”, they explained.

More than just showing the “hidden contents”, the transparent and reflective glasses are used to “freeze-frame the moments” and “express the wordless feelings”, where light and shadows become key players of this equation. Across 2000 square meters, the mysterious scenario invites guests to feel more relaxed when they start hearing the sound of the flowers gradually blooming.  
For more information, visit Hip-pop Design website.
Photography: Zhang Jing
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