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08 / 06 / 2018
Occupying an empty "warehouse-style" construction, The Boutique Shop is located in a creative industry complex at the heart of "Chongqing House", in China. More than a traditional furniture showroom, the client wanted to create a boutique space for furniture brands, that could also provide a comfortable working environment for all kinds of people.

Chongqing Basic Element Architecture Design, the practice behind the project, developed a "complete spatial experience imbued in an artistic boutique shop." The unconventional division of the space and the careful composition of every angle offers a complete different perspective to each customer. The store plays with “the relationship between far and near, high and low, as well as visually intermingled areas that infiltrate space” in order to highlight its sense of quality and interest.

The contrast between cold and warm elements shows the quality of the rich materials displayed in the furniture, like leather, fabric and metal. “Black, white and gray are used as the main tones of the atmosphere, where large blocks of contrasting colors attract the attention of visitors and provide them with a perfect background for photographs”, explained the practice.

The value of social media was also one of the biggest concerns of the studio, that wanted to attract the customers’ attention. “Let them take photos and publish them on their social networks, and deliver greater value to all commercial spaces”, they added.

A project by Chongqing Basic Element Architecture Design.
Photography: Zhang Qilin
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