Space Copenhagen

Vision and emotion
19 / 05 / 2016
Photos: Courtesy of Space Copenhagen
Text: Joana Ramalho 
Space Copenhagen is a multidisciplinary architect and design office headed by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou. Attitude had the chance to chat with them about Space
and spaces…

— You met at school, but you decided to begin working together only years later.
— We became best friends at The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, but after graduating we both started our own companies focusing on small-scale architecture, on interior and furniture, and refined detailing. At that time in Denmark there were not many offices with that specific focus, and we soon became each other’s best competitors. In 2005 we decided to merge our companies into Space Copenhagen.

— Do you recognize yourselves in what is commonly celebrated as the identity of Scandinavian design?
— Scandinavian Design is a natural part of our heritage and upbringing, both personally and professionally. We love it and we relate to it. But we also feel that there has been a certain tendency to narrow down its actual creative span: Kjærholms minimal approach is very different from Juhls organic equilibrism or Arne Jacobsens playfulness.  What ties them together is a curiosity towards other cultures (through travelling, being open minded, looking out) and we do share that.

— Do you identify yourselves mainly as architects
or designers?
— We have a professional package of skills founded in our background as architects, but in general we find creative praxis much more organic: it relates to individual passion, interests, possibilities of collaborations. We are constantly curious, and we try to always keep moving. And every time we find an exciting project, we just engage it in the best possible way.