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  • Guntu, a hotel floating on the Seto Inland Sea


29 / 01 / 2018
This recent project designed by the architect Yasushi Horibe is absolutely breathtaking. A small luxury ship with Japanese inn style accommodation invites guests to enjoy exquisite views over the Seto Inland.

Departing from and returning to the Bella Vista Marina, in Onomichi City, the nineteen-room hotel transports passengers to some of the most beautiful locations in Setouchi, giving them the possibility to choose from six different routes, for a maximum of three nights.

The japanese architect wanted to create “new values, while remaining in keeping with Setouchi in its true colors”, where materials, such as wood and glass, enhance the feeling of fullness and tranquility.

In the main dining room, guests can enjoy some local flavors and Western cuisine but there’s also a small sushi bar, where they can order at any time of the day. The boat’s name Guntû is also the expression used for a local blue crab: “the ship was so named in the hope that, much like the paddle crab and its depth of flavor, it would also become one of the subtle delights of Setouchi.” 
Find more info here: guntu.jp.
Photography: Tetsuya Ito Courtesy of Setouchi Cruise
This article is only available in English. 


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