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02 / 08 / 2018
It’s in the heart of Kiev, in Ukraine, that we come across this fish restaurant with an exquisite style and a deep soul. For the architecture project YoDezeen studio was given total freedom by their client: it was crucial that the place reflected the essence of the sea, but also the refined character of the “quality modern European interior” of the restaurant.

All over the place there are endless references to the marine aesthetic, be it in the large shelving with three-level aquariums, in the large bar open window where the fresh fish is cooked in front of the guests, or even in the glazed monochrome tile behind the bar, colored like seawater with algae.

On the ground floor, we find the main dining room, with a three-meter seafood showcase and wine racks; and the bar with a communal table, “a fashionable trend in the gastronomic life of Europe, made from solid oak and slightly higher than usual”, added the practice. The dark tones, in contrast with white details, usher in a delicate chic mood, and help certain decorative elements stand out such as a large chandelier of 450 glass balls, pendant lamps, mirror and glossy surfaces. The chamber banquet room on the first floor is home-like cozy: a dark ceiling with molding, chandeliers, black and blue leather furniture, a graphite mirror and, finally, some paintings in metal frames.

During the day, Catch is the perfect place for business meetings and in the evening, the restaurant turns into a very romantic place, due to the different lighting options. Clients can enjoy a truly complete experience, with 8 kinds of oysters, 150 kinds of champagne, and a large assortment of white wines - more than 200 kinds.
A project by YoDezeen studio.
Photography: Andrii Shurpenkov
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