• Koti, a Sleepover Experience


16 / 01 / 2018
The magic of Finnish countryside cottage is now available in the heart of Helsinki.

The installation was conceived by Linda Bergroth and inspired by the summer cottage culture in Finland. Koti (meaning ‘home’ in finnish) wants to be a truly social experience about the value of new experiences and relationships that happen around the concept of home.

Each evening, up to 12 guests can enjoy a night at one of the six spruce timber installations, savoring the luxury of simplicity with a twist of Scandinavian hospitality. “It’s a very unpredictable and experimental experience, as every night is different depending on who is staying and how guests interact”, guarantees Linda. In the morning, guests enjoy breakfast at the communal wooden table and have the opportunity to try traditional specialties such as rye bread, salted butter and dry berries.

Believing that maybe home is really where your heart is, Koti explores and interprets the different meanings of home in 2017 through architecture, art, science and society, taking part of Mobile Home 2017, a joint project of the Finnish cultural institutes of Paris, Benelux countries, Berlin and London.
Find more about the project here: www.kotisleepover.com
Photography: Kaapo Kamu
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