• Nature and Privilege


17 / 10 / 2018
Dan Weber of Anacapa Studio and Steve Wilson of Wilson Design created synergies to build this unique and seductive residence which not only embraces but also absorbs the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Located on one of the last remaining undeveloped coastal areas in California, this guest house exemplifies a successful balance of residential development and ecological preservation. The profusion of nature is brought into the home through the enormous windows that frame the lush green setting and contribute to the markedly gentle visual environment. Alongside glass and steel, concrete is the element that brings the entire home together and permits the creation of dynamic and irregular spaces.

“This healthy home is the pinnacle of environmentally-conscious, low-impact design and construction. It is completely self-sufficient and includes its own sewage treatment, as well as an on-site water supply and a rooftop photovoltaic system to meet all energy needs,” explained Anacapa Studio. Not only the guest house, but also the owner’s nearby main residence, are completely off-grid out of necessity, since there’s no electricity available in this area.

More than simple transparency and connection, this house is defined by the preciousness provided by rich walnut accents and custom furnishings designed by the American studio Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, creating a colour range dominated by earthy tones, that contrast with bold details. Here, plenitude is reduced to the essential, where small pleasures enhance the meaning of life.
For more information, visit Anacapa Studio, Willson Design and Jessica Helgerson Interior Design website.
Photography: Erin Feinblatt
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