• Triptych House


28 / 02 / 2020
Located in Winchester, Hampshire, Triptych House is one of a row of terraced dwellings that are annexed to a large 18th Century manor house. To enter this home is to step back in time: there is a silent dialogue between generations, blending a conservatory architecture with an informed and refined aesthetic sense.

The respect for its roots in time and the certainties offered by a space that enhances one’s sense of belonging persuaded the current owners to turn this property into their own house. The intervention project was carried out by Paul Cashin Architects who wanted to enhance its “light and airy properties, enabling each building to embody its underlying qualities and for each room to become more itself”, the team tells us.

A sense of space is one of the most apparent characteristics in this home, with the purpose of each space being attributed naturally and intuitively. A journey that starts with the master suite, where an original window was discovered and influenced the creation of a vaulted ceiling, then continues with the kitchen and dining area and ends at the living room, “where the existing mezzanine was adjusted and fitted with a new modern, industrial metal balustrade and stair that acts as a sculptural installation.” The addition of these new contemporary areas, composed by the kitchen and dining room, also enhances the contrast with the rest of the house, defined by the lower ceilings, textured walls, and dark furnishings.

The idea, they explain, was to create a “triptych artwork”, where the three separated elements could be read and interpreted together as part of one overall piece. As a result, the spaces inside feel modern, but also distinctly tactile and fluid, making this home an ideal place to sit back and unwind.
For more information, visit Paul Cashin Architects website.
Photography: Richard Chivers
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