• House with Plants


17 / 04 / 2018
Nothing less, nothing more. Tranquility and serenity are the most genuine sensations felt when we walk into this house - known as House H - in Katsushika, in Tokyo. Considering the beauty of its interiors, the piercing light and the indoor plants, the home conceived by the Japanese Kamakura Studio looks like a greenhouse, appealing to our senses.

Before its renovation, the original dwelling was dark and natural light was blocked out by surrounding buildings. Potted plants needed sunlight, that’s why the studio decided to create a garden on the north side of the second floor, the best spot in the house, that remind us a real kaleidoscope of plants.

Kamakura Studio tilted the ceiling upwards toward the sun. The interior has been designed as an ongoing dialogue with nature - from the first floor, you can see the shape of the plants as a virtual image, enhancing the feeling of comfort and tranquility. This is the reason why materials used are mostly natural, like wood, and walls are all painted in white. 
A project by Kamakura Studio.
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