Attitude 99: Poetic

  • In the same month in which we celebrated World Poetry Day, Spring once again delighted us with its incredible freshness and this issue began to take shape. A fortunate coincidence perhaps, but one which would encourage us to embrace this issue with a new Spring radiance, confident that poetry would provide the perfect starting point for this creative foray.
  • Enveloped by this particularly inspiring poetic aura, we now invite you to discover an extensive repertory that is distinguished either by a perfect articulation of rhythms or melodies, or by virtue of its craftsmanship. Stories that reveal a remarkable subtlety in the composition of all their details, forgoing formal or even rational criteria, with their only leitmotiv being their striking ability to awaken beauty per se – be it in chaos or emptiness, in noise or silence, in balance or imperfection.
  • From drawing to photography, while taking in sculpture, fashion and ceramics, we invite you to discover the visual narratives registered by the Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi, as well as the delicate work of the Portuguese artist Teresa Esgaio and the Spanish artist Jaume Roig, all good examples of a simple and refined approach to creativity. Our selection wouldn’t be complete without including names like Teo Yang Studio, Mesura, Nicolas Schuybroek and Reath Design in the areas of interior design and architecture, reinforcing the variety of incredibly seductive languages that have captivated us during the preparation of this issue, with their ability to draw us into dreamlike and deeply magical imaginary worlds.
  • While still immersed in this issue’s nostalgic spirit – especially apparent in our Mood section, inspired by the bucolic beauty of still life compositions – we would like to take this opportunity to remind our readership that our 100th issue will reach newsstands in July, a truly special issue not only for the team at Attitude, but also for the entire community that has accompanied us. Naturally, we hope you will join us in this celebratory edition and that you will be wowed by both the variety of inspiring content and its magnificent cover, set to be completely different to all of those we have published before.
  • For the time being, pick a suitable moment to rediscover a new calm and musicality. Embrace Spring’s invitation and make the most of these longer and sunnier days – close to Nature, whenever possible – to dip into this poetry that, just like art, never wears out, and continues to offer the purest matter for our salvation.



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