Attitude 94: Bohemia

  • Bohemia is the motto we have adopted for our July-August edition, in a bold invitation to exalt creativity and in an appeal to enjoyment, banishing the inflexibility imposed by stereotypes and conventionality.
  • Celebrating, in this sense, the eclectic nature that captivated us in so many spaces and projects, we wanted to offer you pages packed with myriad influences, art, theatricality.
  • And, above all, a lot of colour. Ambiences that have naturally led us to a greater focus on the world of interiors, reflecting unique experiences and ways of life. That's precisely what you'll be able to leaf through in our sections Places (page 25) and Interiors (page 101), which are more extensive than usual in this edition, with a view to transporting you to multiple destinations, cultures and stylistic approaches that are rich and diverse in equal measure.
  • Fostering exactly that artistic freedom, a distinctly international itinerary awaits you, to be followed, in our next issue, with a special incursion into projects, brands and initiatives of Portuguese origin.
  • In a summer that is likely to be more atypical and restrictive than usual for everyone, we ought to cherish and promote some of those little whims in our daily lives, be it immersed in a good conversation, reading, music, landscape, artistic project or any other sensory delight…
  • Reclaiming our more relaxed and, why not, bohemian side, in moments that should be increasingly more our own.



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