Attitude 91: Earth

  • We give a hearty welcome to 2020 with an edition that invites us to take a new look at earth and, above all, our connection with it, reinforcing the need – so urgent in the times we live in – for an architecture that needs to be closer to people, the environment and local resources.
  • Used since antiquity, we felt it was worth recalling the comprehensive uses that earth can be given as a material, not to mention so many other materials that we witness taking on a new role, through contemporary re-appropriations and reinterpretations. Considered from this perspective, such exciting times encourage us to reflect on our origins, preserving customs and traditions, while opening up new vistas for experiments and innovation, combining new building and production technologies with a reinvigorated environmental awareness.
  • In this edition where, as you might rightly guess, handcrafted work, nature as a source of creation and inspiration and sustainable practice take centre-stage, we offer you a chance to discover the work of various artists and designers in our People section (page 26). Taking a broader approach explore the surprising creations behind names such as IBUKU Studio, in the field of architecture and Rebecca Louise Law, in the realm of art installations.
  • In Places (page 52), we bring you places that forge a profound connection with earth and natural surroundings, whisking you away to other locations such as the desert landscapes of Morocco, where we are seduced by two eco-lodges on the outskirts of Marrakech and Taroudant.
  • In January and February, we’ll be getting ready to visit some of the major fairs in the interiors and decoration sectors so we can bring you the latest innovations to be found in Paris, Cologne and Frankfurt.
    With the arrival of the new year, we make the most of the occasion to share with you a new graphic line which runs through the whole magazine and which announces itself immediately on the cover. We are, after all, celebrating our 16th year.
  • With an awareness of the difficulties encountered on the way, which don’t always allow a publication to celebrate such dates, the most important thing of all is to thank our marvellous team and our loyal readers for continuing to travel with us on this adventure. To reward them for this faith in us every two months, with pertinent and inspiring content, is our greatest inspiration.



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