Photography: Julien Fernandez 
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Attuned to the tiniest details of everyday life and demonstrating a melodic and refined creativity, Justine and Jean Hay de Slade compose vases, lamps and delicate works of art, using stoneware and porcelain, nature and simplicity.
It is in their atelier in Charente-Maritime, south-west France, that the founder of Epure offers us a glimpse of her creative universe, revealing an exercise about time and imperfection.

How did your passion for ceramics and artisanship come about?
I started by myself ten years ago and Jean joined me about six years ago. I created Epure more as a signature for my pieces; I never expected it to become a brand. I started because I liked working with my hands, the creative side, and I quickly realised this was what I had to do. The freedom to act and the power of decision-making that this kind of work demands are inspiring but also draining, because, being a passion, we let ourselves be completely absorbed by it and begin to live for this alone.

How do you try to imprint truth in the pieces you sign?
Most of all I want to get closer to my essence, emphasising what animates me, what moves me, what touches me. To be myself at the moment of creation and to know how to listen to my senses. Everything inspires me: my encounters, my experiences, the place where I live, my walks. Inspiration can come from the lichens I see when I walk, from a painting in a museum, from the colour of a vegetable, from the feathers of a bird.  
For more information, visit Epure Céramique website.

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