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    An interview with the award-winning San Francisco studio.


14 / 04 / 2020
To speak of interior design in corporate spaces means to speak of Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander, the successful partners behind Studio O+A, the award-winning San Francisco studio renowned for creating unique working environments, capable of holistically satisfying the values and cultures of the brands they represent. Personalisation and innovation are the hallmarks of their impressive portfolio – including the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and Nike – and which is also the result of a multidisciplinary effort carried out by more than 40 professionals from different areas which come together in the conception of functional, technological and highly humanised projects.

With nearly three decades of experience to your name, what are the main areas of expertise you continue to work on?
We design for a variety of sectors such as technology, communications, finance, food, hospitality, clothes and entertainment. We are proud to work on projects that don’t fit into neat categories: we have developed a speculative installation for the office of the future for the Salone del Mobile, a special edition for Metropolis Magazine focusing on technology and design and even a mobile design studio that travels around California. This has all been possible thanks to a team with specialists in different areas, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, landscape architecture, art curatorship and branding.

Naturally, such elements are also integrated into your own workspace...

Our office embodies all the values that promote the creation of a cheerful and healthy workspace. Plenty of natural light, comfortable chairs, areas for group work, visually appealing decoration, art and a flexible working environment are our priorities. Our office is also animal-friendly, which is great! We are firm believers in spaces that can be reconfigured and that are open to change, and, because of this, we create spaces that can be reprogrammed at any moment. In addition to this, it is important to offer a variety of spaces where people can work: our office has a library, offering a comfortable and quiet area for relaxation. We also make the most of outdoor areas; we have a modern courtyard with picnic tables where we often get together for lunch or meetings.

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For more information, visit studio O+A website.
Photography: Ben Kranz Studio, Lindsey Gice, Garrett Rowland, Elea Henderson, Jasper Sanidad
Words: Inês Graça 

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