• Hacienda Temozón: Timeless Glory


10 / 05 / 2019
It's Monday night and the thermometer hovers around 22 degrees in Abalá, a small town just some kilometres from the Yucatán capital. We accept the local recommendations and choose a delicious lime soup before tasting the famous local dish cochinita pibil, in which pork wrapped in banana leaves is baked in ovens buried in the earth. The unexpected combination of flavours overseen by the local chef Claudia Dominguez, proved to a be a true delight for the taste buds and while there, contemplating a warm and profoundly silent night, we felt certain that Hacienda Temozón was the best choice we could have made.

To appreciate this space, implies getting to know it first. While in terms of structure, its imposing 37 hectares remain unaltered, in terms of its character, a careful restoration process has succeeded in paying an outstanding tribute to the farming estate’s history.

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