• Harmonious Tranquility


17 / 10 / 2018
The white and luminous colours of this apartment take us over and invade our soul when the doors are opened to us. We are in Itaim, in the thriving heart of São Paulo, where we went to discover the delicious and relaxed residence, designed by Sarah Bonanno and Marina Cardoso de Almeida, both responsible for the Brazilian studio Tria Arquitetura.

“The resident was in the middle of a period of change in her life and wanted a modern and bright house”, revealed Marina. The answer would end up taking shape through a fresh and contemporary approach, marked by the abundance of daylight and the presence of artworks. Small artistic details fill the home, with pieces of art conceived by Picasso, Ana Vidigal, Isabelle Tuchband, Júlio Pomar and Paula Rego. The architect also mentions the preference for materials such as the cement coatings, that works for both external and internal areas, and wood, not only on the bedroom but also on the living room, office, and bathroom, enhancing the coziness and warmth of the home.

Efficiency was also one of the main concerns of the architects. "We try to eliminate all the elements of transition. We detail the floor changes, so there was no physical element between them; we detail the transition between the doors and walls to eliminate the traditional stops. In this way, we made the transitions disappear and make the environment lighter and more harmonious”. And for that reason, its freshness and lightness are undeniable - maybe due to the elegant staircase made in wood and Dekton or maybe just because the magnificent green wall one can find at the entrance of the home. 
For more information, visit Tria Arquitetura website.  

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