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  • Meet the Artist: Pia Riverola

    "My work is a combination of places, textures, colours and shapes which I am emotionally and aesthetically dragged to in specific moments of my life."


08 / 01 / 2019
Hailing from Barcelona, when asked about what she does, Pia Riverola believes that she is “emotionally and aesthetically dragged to specific moments of her life". By combining a beautiful tenderness and a unique taste, the travel photographer, currently based between Mexico City and Los Angeles, evokes on all her photos a deep sense of nostalgia, balancing places, textures, colors and shapes. We talked to Pia, a homesick and wanderlust soul, about her conceptual approach of the contemporary world.

At what point did photography become more than just a hobby in your life?
It has been a very organic and natural process. It started as something I enjoyed doing, and then it became something I enjoyed doing but someone wanted to pay me for doing it so I kept doing.

How would you define your work?
My work is a combination of places, textures, colours and shapes which I am emotionally and aesthetically dragged to in specific moments of my life. I want to continue to capture and share them.  
What kind of places do you prefer photographing?
I don’t have a specific favorite scene that I like capturing. I love encountering different real-life situations or creating fiction sets and photographing them, from a spontaneous scene of persons in a street to an unexpected brutalist building. I love playing around with shadows and lights during the golden hour.

What is the biggest challenge you had until today?
My biggest challenge which is also the most rewarding thing about my work still remains the same until today. Traveling around the world and meeting beautiful souls, cultures and discovering remote stunning places, which also means being homesick, feeling displaced, not being able to plan things and dealing with loneliness a lot. 
Do you have regular clients?
I have a lot of different clients, I shoot for several publications such as AnOther Magazine, WSJ magazine, Wallpaper* which I work usually with, but I also shot for specific campaigns for design or fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Vidivixi, Truss or Proenza Schouler. Usually, they contact me through my Instagram or through my agency; my latest favorite project was the Vidivixi campaign.

What places would you still like to photograph?

I want to keep exploring Asia and all its contrasting and fantastic cultures and landscapes.

When you are not taking photos, where you might be found?
In a plane... probably taking photos from the window too.

For more information, visit Pia Riverola website.
This article is only available in English. 

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