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26 / 03 / 2020
It is in the heart of the city of Oporto, more precisely at number 84 on Rua Gonçalo Cristovão, that we find Reality Studio, a fashion studio whose main premises are focused on the representation of the “here and now”.

Inside, in a spacious and bright space, a small team of several nationalities (Japanese and Brazilian included) works hard – to the sound of a playlist that is both pleasant and eclectic –, led by German designer Svenja Specht, who likes to observe daily reality and her surroundings, investigating and exploring the interactions of people through clothing. In fact, social concerns and sustainability have always been part of her lexicon, ever since the brand was founded in Berlin.

A great personal and professional change took place in 2014, when she moved to Portugal with the aim of establishing a closer relationship with the factories involved in the production for her brand, offering the opportunity to monitor the whole process more closely. What makes her passionate about this project, and its intermediaries is precisely the careful selection of materials, the manufacturing techniques and ancestral details, as well as the genuine cultural references – passed down from generation to generation – and evoked throughout the work.

“Making fashion means giving our bodies a home, which has to adapt to our daily routine and to life’s circumstances, that are constantly changing”, Svenja tells us, justifying why the shapes of her pieces are often subject to alterations and metamorphoses, resulting in contemporary pieces with enduring value, developed under the trinity of femininity, delicacy and elegance.

During our visit, we are suddenly assailed by the pleasant aroma of herbs and spices. Yes, it is time for lunch and, here, special attention is given to “comfort food”, including gastronomic delicacies from the four corners of the world, prepared alternately by the team members. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye; we prepare to go, leaving the door slightly open, with the certainty that the maxim “Do what you like and live now” is fully and religiously put into practice here, every single day...
For more information, visit Reality Studio website.
Photography: Victor Staaf, Daki Yeo and courtesy of Reality Studio.  
Words: Diana Neves de Carvalho

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