• State of Extremes

    Design Museum Holon


03 / 12 / 2019
This exhibition commemorates the 10th anniversary of Design Museum Holon through the presentation of over 70 works conceived by international and Israeli designers and studios. In a curious representation of the “state of extremes” we are living nowadays, the focus of the exhibition is exploring the potential of design to reveal, critique, resist or even exacerbate extremes and the mechanisms that drive them.

Acknowledging design as a vehicle of communication, Maya Dvash, chief curator of the museum, describes this project as a “vivid picture of where we are and where we are going”, reflecting the result of science and technology's evolution, that makes us wonder what it means to be human today.

Divided into five thematic categories, each one exploring mechanisms and processes through the use of installations, videos or objects, participants are invited to explore those five different areas: Spiraling, showcasing how extremes tend to feed on themselves; Polarization, also a result of the natural human cognition of dividing the world according to binary categories such as ‘right or wrong’ or ‘good and evil’; Extremer, that questions how far we are willing to go and concepts such as virtual reality; New Normals, a section that examines how what seems extreme today may become normal tomorrow or even the Extreme Lab, a place that brings together projects that blur the distinctions between the natural and human-made.

From December 12th 2019 to May 9th 2020, there are endless works to discover on Design Museum Holon, ranging from the 3-D printed scans of a shrinking glacier in Switzerland, 116 postcards designed by UK-based artists Nathan Smith and Sam T. Smith in the wake of the Brexit vote in 2016 to Compression Cadle, an installation where Lucy McRae explores a future in which technology has dissociated us from our bodies.

For more information, visit Design Museum Holon website.
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