• Industrial Geometry


08 / 07 / 2019
Located on the 22nd floor of one of Tel Aviv's new skyscrapers, right at the heart of the city, PerimeterX’s new Israeli headquarters provides the perfect frame for this high altitude setting, offering 360º degree views.

Revealing a meticulous attention to details, patterns and a discerning choice of materials - such as aluminum cladding for columns and walls, juxtaposed with concrete floors and partitions of unraveled welded grates in white paint finish and white corrugated polycarbonate sheets - the intervention of the Baranowitz & Goldberg Architects, in collaboration with Pitsou Kedem studio, focussed on preserving the firm’s modernist vision, redefining its vocation as an elegant and industrial office space.

According to the architects team, “the design concept stemmed from a grid-based plan, dividing the space into volumes and circulation paths, between closed spaces and freestanding elements. The fact that almost all employees work in open space environments allowed for a layout where all closed rooms were situated around the core of the building and the open-space stations were placed as freestanding elements in the center of the space.”

Two types of partitions - one constructed of industrial, steel welded-grating and the other of corrugated polycarbonate sheets - divide the space, allowing group meetings, and two large conference rooms remain the only closed volumes to be placed as free-standing transparent boxes in the central public space. Conceived in tones of white, grey and red accents, the lighting plan also evokes the idea of “the grid and its deconstruction”: a combination of white aluminum profiles and led lights stretches above the entire space further asserting the free-flowing layout.  
For more information, visit PerimeterX website.
Photography: Amit Geron
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