• "No Entulho" by Otiima Artworks


14 / 05 / 2018
"Bom Caminho Errado" (Right and Wrong Track) is the motto for the second creative exhibition as part of the residency program "No Entulho", an initiative by Otiima ArtWorks that aims to research, product and share the work developed in the company's headquarters. Ana Brito, the artistic coordinator of the project, believes that the most important is the "residents' opportunity to work in a studio with unique characteristics, wide areas of work, access to machinery, tools and materials that are no longer used" but mainly "in constant collaboration with a specialized and varied team".

During aproximately two months, Otiima's creative department invites artists to intervene, create or modify materials that are no longer used, specially steel, iron, aluminium and glass. The artists Jérémy Pajeanc, Rafael Yaluff and Tiago Madaleno were the first to sign those residencies: Jérémy focused on the natural qualities of the materials and talked about the refugee camp in Calais; Rafael challenged himself to create a "karaoke machine" and Tiago brought an ongoing project in which he built a bandstand dedicated to Natália de Andrade. And, for that reason, Tiago recognizes the benefits of working in this context: the contact with engineers, architects and workers specialized in metal work, that could help me to solve all the problems concerning the project, is definitely, the main benefit". 
At the end of each residency, the artists must present their work from the past two months. For now, "to evoke music as a bigger event" and to "appeal to the migratory cause" were the main goals and to Rafael Yaluff, context is key: "having artists promoting exhibitions in a workplace is the most efficient way to bring art to the dailylife because the most important visitors, the workers, are also the creators, so the impact in that community will be even bigger".

To open new possibilities to young artists, in a industrial context, with the support of a specialized team, is the project's main goal, that will bring, at the end of the year, an exhibition with all the participant works.

A project by Otiima.
More info here: www.otiimaartworks.com/no-entulho


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