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  • The Craft and the Makers – Tradition with Attitude

    By Gestalten


28 / 05 / 2015
“An object crafted with passion and dedication is unlike any other. The subtle skills that have been developed over generations are felt in its faintest design, in the high-quality materials used, and in the time-consuming process necessary to achieve such pieces.”
The book The Craft and the Makers celebrates and pays homage to the handmade savoy fare that takes time, care and dedication. Throughout the almost 300 pages we get to know more than 40 examples of small manufacturers spread over the world, producing goods such as furniture, ceramics or jewelry, among other examples.
The Craft and the Makers – A tradition with Attitude was edited by Duncan Campbell, Charlotte Rey, Sven Ehmann, and Robert Klanten and published by Gestalten

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