• Fogo Island Natural Park Headquarters

    A recently inaugurated project that was completely destroyed with the lastest volcano eruption in the Fogo island.


12 / 03 / 2015
In a place with a rare natural beauty, situated at 1800 meters high and having as a landscape a volcanic scenario, is where the Fogo Island Natural Park Headquarters was set. Located in the Cape Verde archipelago, the Fogo island reaches the highest altitude level of all the islands on Pico do Fogo, where the volcano crater lies. Unfortunately, the latest volcano eruption in November 2014, completely destroyed the recently inaugurated construction.

The new building had been designed by the Portuguese studio Oto, and aimed at creating a new space to consolidate the identity of this protected region. Covered with a mixture of cement and volcano ashes, the construction founded a balance with its surroundings. «Architecture and landscape become accomplices, complementary to each other», said the architects at Oto. 
The project included cultural spaces, such as auditoriums and library; and administrative spaces, like meeting rooms, offices and laboratories. Because the area had no previous infrastructures, the building had to be energetically self-suficient, using, among other things, solar panels.

«With the headquarter fully operational, the Natural Park is increasingly valued, which contributes to enrich the social, cultural and economic sectors of the island, starting to integrate and enhance in a harmonious way the surrounding space», said the responsible for the project. The unfortunate accident leaves no space to evaluate the impact of this structure on the island, what remains are the images of an incredible project. 
Photography: FG+SG 

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