• Casa Burés


30 / 05 / 2019
During the past two decades, architect Elina Vilá and interior designer Agnès Blanch from Vilablanch studio became experts in restore high standing houses, preserving Barcelona’s unique architectural heritage.

This time, the Spanish studio had a double mission: they needed to make sure the project respected the original structure (a landmark in Barcelona’s Eixample district, dating from 1905, conceived by a close collaborator of Antoni Gaudí, Francesc Berenguer i Mestre), while ensuring the 7 000 square meters of the property gained a more contemporary look. In partnership with Juan Trias de Bes studio, responsible for the acclaimed Barcelona-based studio TDB Architecture, both developed 26 luxury livings from 120 to 500 meters squared, transforming Casa Burés into a valuable heritage at the confluence of Girona and Áusias March streets.

The idea of conserving the original character of the building, “maintaining the residential existence of houses in an area of the city threatened by tourism”, the architectural studio tells us, was one of the main goals during the process. The recovery of some of the most important artistic elements - such as polychromies, frescoes or wooden panels - was made in collaboration with small companies of artisans. On the other hand, the preservation of the original flooring along with the paneled ceilings enhance the historical character of the building.

The original apartments on the upper floors were converted into luxury residences, including elegant Italian furniture, while on the monumental ground floor, one can find a heated pool and private wine cellars. 
For more information, visit TDB Arquitectura and vilablanch website.
Photography: Jose Hevia
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