• Casaplata Restaurant


06 / 04 / 2018
In this restaurant, the secret to its successful renovation lies in the simplicity of its materials and its informal, almost raw, language, combined with a relaxed and colorful decor. Maybe somewhere between “a Giorgio Morandi painting and the film Blade Runner”, explained the Madrid-based practice, responsible for the restaurant and cocktail bar in the center of Seville.

According to the Spanish studio, the team working on the restaurant decided to “avoid nostalgia”, while many renovations in the area are looking for historical revival from the past. The result is an elegant and fresh-looking space, but also flexible to different types of clients and events, since it’s opened from breakfast to dinner.

The place is composed by strong and colorful pieces of furniture that stand out over a silver and grey atmosphere. “We needed to create an atmosphere that could be transformed regarding every situation and that’s why lighting is very important in the changing space”, added the studio. The idea is simple: to achieve a warm and comfortable effect, despite the lack of decoration; “we want to reinforce the gastronomical experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach”.
A project by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos.
Photography: Juan Delgado
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