• Into the Wild

    A meeting with Nature


07 / 11 / 2018
“Nowadays we live in a world where we are extremely busy and from time to time we need to escape from it. Escape from the stress, duties, and civilizations back to our roots where it all started.” This was the motto behind “Into the Wild Cabin”, a minimalist and elegant shelter designed by Michiel De Backer and Martin Mikovčák, responsible for the Ark shelter studio.

To ensure the maximum outdoor experience was the main goal of the project. In order to do that, the profusion of nature is brought into the home through the enormous windows, with five openings all around the space. “It is possible to build these homes to be entirely self-contained and off-grid, generating their own water, and electricity,” explained the studio. With no fixed foundations, the client can choose where to place the ark, and thanks to an automatic system the heating, cooling, and shadings can be pre-programmed.

With 40 square meters, the central black box in the middle creates five different areas. The left part of the box works as a kitchen and a relaxing zone and the back of the box has a shower and a sink next to the window. The result is a simple yet sophisticated refuge, that blends with its surroundings with harmony and elegance.  
For more information, visit Ark-shelter website.
Design: Michiel De Backer and Martin Mikovčák
Photography: BoysPlayNice
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