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29 / 04 / 2019
It’s between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, in the center of Rome, that we find this gastronomic hideout, set on a 1930’s Rationalist building. Actually, the thick travertine frame around the windows suggests Liòn’s identity, a daring restaurant where the past is preserved while seeking to define the future.

On the inside, the intense textures and bold colours define the restaurant’s hallmark, conceived by the architect and designer Daniela Colli. From the arched friezes to the “deep three-dimensional lozenge screen of the lacquered ottoman” or the colorful boiserie, space showcases an eclectic mood, inspired by the research of Frank Lloyd Wright, a master of 20th century American architecture.

With the aim of exploring the concept of an “informal yet elegant environment”, Daniela’s greatest concern was to create “a universe of materials, colours, and geometries that blend together with great formal coherence to offer customers an all-engaging experience between design and cuisine”. In effect, the choice of a strong colour palette with teal, turquoise, red dominate or the use of the circle as key-element of the space, converge to heighten the general sense of refinement.  
For more information, visit COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO website.
Photography: Matteo Piazza
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