• United Cycling LAB & Store

    A futuristic dream universe for the pro-tour bicycles from Argon 18.


27 / 11 / 2018
Conceived by the Danish practice Johannes Torpe Studios, the United Cycling LAB & Store in Lynge brings together a futuristic and minimalistic design, providing an extraordinary experience.

Bicycles floating in the air, illuminated display furniture and mirrored glass fill the showroom, embodying the brand’s philosophy in which technology, weightlessness and mechanical precision are keywords. “With our design we have tried to highlight the engineering and dreams the bikes represent. By staging the bicycles in a futuristic and etheric universe their power and sovereignty is emphasised,” explained Creative Director Johannes Torpe.

One of the highlights are the five pantographs each holding a bike mounted in the ceiling that can be lowered down to eye level for a full inspection. The Lab & Store also includes a product gallery with bicycle accessories, a workshop, a bike-fitting area and training facilities. 
For more information, visit Johannes Torpe Studios website.
Photography: Alastair Philip Wiper
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