Attitude 98: Intrepid

  • Courage. The same word that carries on at our side in 2021, through another chapter of uncertainties and perseverance, has also provided the byword for a new and inevitably more determined creative incursion.
  • In an approach that isn’t merely concerned with exploring eclectic and sophisticated scenarios, we have put the emphasis on the curatorship of stories or ways of life whose audacity and marked singularity swiftly seduced us.
  • Determined to break away from standardized patterns and more conventional registers, over the following pages you will discover a daring itinerary that swept us off to rediscover the solid career of Paulo Lobo (page 74), unveiling some of his most recent projects; to discover disruptive landscapes in our Places section, where we travelled to Madeira and the Algarve, as well as to Chicago, Beijing and Bratislava; and even to reflect on the new challenges facing the global art scene, exploring an infinity of possibilities in the digital era.
  • Even before getting to know our proposals for interiors, we’d like to invite you to embrace the festive spirit of the Easter season in the Mood section, challenging you to explore, in an interactive and enigmatic manner, an inspiring assortment of jewellery where, once again, there is no lack of good examples of Portuguese talent.
  • In this heterogeneous edition, full of unique languages and universes, rather than simply seeking a shared ‘formula’ or aesthetic, we were moved by its powerful ability to encourage us to dream, common to all these projects. A word that Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini, founders of Studio Peregalli, never tired of repeating during our conversation and that would provide the starting point for an intrepid journey, suffused with curious objects, details and surprising compositions.
    May we never lack reasons to carry on dreaming.



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