Attitude 92: Work

  • Work was the byword for one more edition, urging us to leave our desks and embrace a lively pace of work which took us in discovery of major trends in the world of decoration and interiors in Cologne, Paris and Frankfurt, on an itinerary you can follow in our Global Report section.
  • Inspired by the new, ultra-connected and ‘nomadic’ generations and by the constantly mutating job market, we have seen increasing numbers of workspaces turning away from the traditional office environment in order to become hybrid spaces, which aim to be more flexible, informal and appealing than ever. Profound changes that are increasingly apparent combined with the digital transformation of companies that are revolutionising the way we now work, leading to a metamorphosis of the workplace as we know it.
  • Throwing down the gauntlet to architecture and design studios, we discovered meticulously designed projects, genuine places to live where one doesn’t simply work, but which promote interaction, human relations, creativity, leisure and well-being, making us feel as if we were at home.
  •  That’s just what you will discover while looking through our selection in Places (page 41) in this edition which we have exclusively dedicated to workplaces, taking us to studios, ateliers, showrooms, offices, co-working spaces and artistic residences, in a journey through a world of both inspiring and innovative places.
  • Seeking to explore this theme more deeply, we spoke to two architecture and interior design studios, especially dedicated to the development of work environments – Roy David Architecture and Studio O+A (pages 94 and 100, respectively).
    In Interiors (page 129), we set about focussing on homes that blended the personal and professional stories of their inhabitants, in a plural register of stylistic approaches which we have always enjoyed publishing.
  • Finally, in the context of recent changes we have introduced to the graphic line of our magazine, we’d like to thank our readers for their feedback, which only reinforces our enthusiasm for working and perfecting, edition by edition, a project called Attitude.



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