Attitude 90: Journey

  • With this being the last issue of the magazine this year, we set out to pique our readership’s curiosity and appetite for discovery, by turning our theme – Journey – into the best starting point for exploring these pages.
  • More than simply gathering together a random compilation of idyllic destinations to escape to, in the manner of a travel magazine, we tried, instead, to offer personal experiences and stories, motivated by spaces that we had visited, by the projects that had engaged us and by the events that had brightened our schedule in recent weeks.
  •  And so, crossing frontiers – even though our aim was to venture beyond the geographic dimension – we set about whisking you away on a journey that was both sensorial and emotional, capable of not only inspiring but, also creating a profound connection with the subjects we chose.
  • Our voyage begins, right away, with visits to a series of international fairs and launches, the novelties and highlights from these being shared in our Global Report section, while anticipating a similarly busy schedule for the coming months in terms of design and interiors (Must Visit section).
  • Take the opportunity to explore the four corners of the world by leafing through our especially extensive selection of Places (page 41); find out, first hand, about the visionary work of studios such as Lambs and Lions or Studio Tack (pages 106 and 114, respectively), as they launch new challenges to the hospitality industry, and plunge into the fascinating images of journeys suggested by Mood (page 142).
  •  Savour good reads, allowing this edition to transport you to a myriad of surprising destinations, whenever it takes your fancy and without having to leave the comfort of wherever you are. After all, this is what also inspires us when undertaking each new edition of Attitude.

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