Attitude 113: Remote

  • During these hot and lazy summer days, our thoughts turn to escaping from reality, our minds wandering between those things that seem to be far and what we do to get closer (to ourselves), even when we feel far away.
  • Confused? In this edition, we set out on the discovery of hidden places, in our devotion to the art de vivre in its plenitude, and around faraway, dreamlike landscapes that could be the setting for films. In a quest to learn about new ways of living life, in a reality that counterbalances the frivolity often encountered in our daily lives.
  • The tenuous lines between living and working are becoming blurred, at an ever-faster pace which is sometimes difficult to keep up with, but which the whole world seems to be moving towards. And it is in this divergence that we try to seek an opportunity to disconnect, a nomadism that guides us with the serenity of the moment, like a sensorial and immersive experience.
  • Wander around with us through these hiding places, among endless vistas. A journey that will restore our senses. That announces our liberation, a return to our origins through a natural perception of the things that surround us; such as in our Talk To Me in Flowers section, where we return to the things that move us, through colours and textures in a surprising and subtle production that once again reinterprets the essence of this page.
  • Here, we are led to perfect the art of contemplation, in a place where silence belongs to all of us. And since we value the freedom that inspires us, in this edition we ‘skip’ our Profile section so as to dedicate ourselves to the new places we want to take you to, with the promise that our new guest will arrive with the same intensity as usual in our next edition.
  • Without rushing, be it in our daily chaos, between four walls or wandering around the wide world, there are no rules in remote places, after all.



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