Attitude 100: Hope

  • 100 editions. 100 issues full of compelling stories, inexhaustible talent, spaces that allow us to dream and that embody the life and soul of the person who once envisioned them.
    Just as with art, architecture or interior design, talking about Attitude means to talk about the creative process. An idea that one day, because of its fondness for paper or an infinite number of stimulating and disruptive universes, gathered strength and slowly flourished, absorbing narratives from both Portugal and abroad.
  • As on any creative journey, there have been challenges and obstacles; opportunities and vulnerabilities; casting off and new beginnings. But, above all, there has been perseverance, an unflagging determination to continue filling hundreds of pages with bold voices and unique testimonies, always associated with brands and partners who have never lost their faith in the power of communication. Nor in Portuguese know-how, which has been Attitude’s visceral mission since the very first edition.
  • In a particularly atypical year, this symbolic issue is intended as a ray of hope. We know that not all crises spark stimuli and unlock creativity and that, for many, 2020 might not have been a year of great achievements or major conquests. And yet, it was undoubtedly the year of resilience. The year in which, in spite of everything, many creative people continued to fight and to express their love for art, to greater or lesser degrees, and that in itself is worthy of recognition.
  • Publishing number 100 in such uncertain times hasn’t been an achievement or a victory; let’s call it a coincidence instead. A fortunate coincidence that will perhaps serve to remind us that as long as we carry on battling for our dreams and accept that not all days may be sunny or productive, the seed will continue sprouting.
  • And it will always bear fruit, sooner or later, inevitably becoming a source of pride and hope.
    It’s this hope that continues to drive us forward all over the world.



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