• Okomeya rice-shop


12 / 04 / 2015
In a minuscule space opened directly to a street in Tokyo, functions a rice-shop in a wood structure building. Schemata Architects were called to remodel the shop with 16 m2 that follows the traditional disposition for this kind of business, with the store space's connected to the street and the owner’s residence in the back. 

The main goal with the opening of this space is to initiate a revitalization process on the street where it’s located, now with almost no commercial activity. The old and run-down building was completely recuperated. To do so, the whole wood structure had to be polished so that it would match the new plywood used to equip the store. The result is a modest space, where the new elements integrate with the pre-existing ones. The architects at Schemata hope this project to become an example for others to “continue to regenerate more shops to enhance the entire street”.
Photography: Kenta Hasegawa

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