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    With its casual appearance, this map of freedom is composed of invisible and authentic paths.


03 / 04 / 2015
Article originally published in ATTITUDE #52 - July/August 2013

Flights of fancy

Unlike the projects she normally develops for her clients, the home of Isabel Neves (Cami, as she is known) avoids a structured plan. Here, the owner of Supercosy, the interiors store that opened ten years ago at Foz, has created a language that incorporates all the styles, colours and objects we cherish and gather over the years. Free, spontaneous and intuitive, this is the refuge she lives in with her daughter and which symbolises her attitude to life and work, deconstructing the preconceived notions of potential combinations. After all, home is the place where the things we like reside and for Cami, creating these private spaces means having the courage to acknowledge what we like and desire. The result is inevitably a mixture of the soul with criteria validated by our memory and affection. That is why in this home, anything is possible and the seeds of fertility are sown.

Found in an early 20th Century building at the heart of Foz Velha, this apartment has been entirely refurbished by Cami, who also guided the interior architect, leading to the creation of open spaces, in a cry for freedom from the narrow street: two bedroom suites, a living room with a study and dining room, kitchen and a terrace with a view of the sky. This adaptation prioritised the simplification of the space to create a fluid and liberating feel. 

Not only is the apartment an intimate portrait, it is also a dynamic display for Supercosy, with its three mini collections of porcelain, table lamps and side tables all designed exclusively for the store. Then there is the made-to-measure furniture and the new fabric collections from Ralph Lauren, Pedroso & Osório and Manuel Canovas upholstering the cushions and armchairs, creating a garden-like patchwork. On the walls paintings by Graça Paz – represented by Supercosy – and her daughter, illustrate this vast horizon where anything seems possible.
Text: Alexandra Novo
Fotografia: Carlos Cezanne

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