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26 / 02 / 2020
Following its inauguration on the south side of Hiroshima Station in 2017, the time has now come for SIDES CORE studio to bring to the Hiroshima complex the famous fresh-baked cheese tarts.

Remaining true to its unmistakable style and language, aiming to promote a place “that merges seamlessly with the kitchen”, the answer would end up taking shape through the creation of a central support pillar, a key architectural feature that showcases all the operations, from mixing to sale.

Worthy of mention is also the contrast between the mortar and the other elements such as the copper and the glass surrounding all the area. “The glass facade allows customers to experience the making and baking process while purchasing tarts. It also makes maximum use of the store’s location, with 2 sides of the space facing hallways,” adds designer Sohei Arao.

It’s all about the experience, “from seeing firsthand how the tarts are made to indulging in the final product”.  
For more information, visit SIDES CORE website.
This article is only available in English. 
Photography: Yasuhiro Takagi

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